How Minimalism Changed my Life?

I found out about minimalism, when I was living in South Korea.


This was back in April of 2015. One afternoon, I was in my room, looking for something on my desk. I realized that the desk was overcrowded. I had never paid attention to things in my room. I looked around and found out that it was not just the desk; the whole room was  overcrowded. It was my last year in Korea, and I had to return back to my country. I didn’t know what I would do with all those things. I wanted to punch myself at that time. I made up my mind to get rid of those things. I googled about simple living to get some ideas, and there I found the Minimalists.

I read about minimalism and decided to be a minimalist. I started with my room. I kept all things which I often used, on my desk and on the shelves. The things which I seldom used, were kept in boxes. The idea is to get rid of the boxes if you don’t take anything out of them in 15 days. That’s what I did. I got rid of books, extra pairs of shoes, some clothes, unnecessary electronic devices and other stuffs. I was left with very few things. I could pack all those things in my luggage bag which was my ultimate goal.

Minimalism also changed my mindset. Before I became a minimalist, I used to buy things without any thinking. I used to spend a lot of money on books and other random things. I stopped buying books and started borrowing from my school’s library. I started buying things online. I thought twice before buying anything. By doing this, I avoided buying unnecessary things. It also helped me to save money, with which I travelled to Singapore last year.

When I left Korea, I had only one luggage bag. I was very happy with myself.

By becoming a minimalist, I can say that my life has become less complicated. When you own less, you worry less. You feel free, because you are not attached to things. I got to learn a lot about myself in the process of becoming a minimalist. I learnt to make better choices for my life. Now I think I don’t need a lot of money to live my life. What people think about me, doesn’t affect me anymore. I know now that I am the main character of my story. I think I am at peace now.

Minimalism is not a cult; it is about simplifying life. If you want to know more, click below:



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