From the Hills to the Plains

Recently, I travelled to the south of Nepal to visit my grandmother. I was with my mom, my aunt (mom’s younger sister) and my cousin (aunt’s son). We started in the morning. It took us around 5 hours by car to go there. I think, the route is pretty convenient. It starts from the hills and goes all the way down to the flat lands. There are few twists and turns which can make some people car-sick (like what happened to my cousin), but I was absolutely fine. Honestly speaking, I enjoyed the journey. We reached our destination in the afternoon.

The place where I went, is called Lahan. It is a small town. It is nothing like Kathmandu. Everything is different: climate, geography, culture, food, and language. The climate is hot, the land is flat, the culture has some Indian influence, the food is spicy, and Maithili is the language of communication (It is not a dialect; it is an actual language, and I know how to speak it). It was so hot during the day that I did not want to leave the house. I only left the house in the morning and evening, when it was little cooler.


There are paddy fields and marshes near my grandmother’s house. One morning when I and my cousin were jogging near the marshes, we saw a giant stork. I tried to get closer, but it flew away. We explored the area every morning and evening, because we had nothing else to do. When we were not exploring, we were eating. Granny was constantly feeing us and reminding us of the things from our childhood days. I don’t remember a single thing, but my cousin does. He remembers the things he did, when he was five. (Isn’t that crazy? I don’t even remember what I ate yesterday.) It was fun, talking about childhood days. Those were good days, and good days don’t last forever. We left after a week. I wish we had stayed for two weeks or more. It was a good trip.

See you on the next blog. Have a great time!!!


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