All the Way Down to the East Coast

I needed a break. Since I took extra classes during the winter vacation, I hardly got any chance to mentally prepare myself  for the new semester. I was not ready to study; all I needed was an escape from this concrete jungle called ‘university’, but I lacked two things which you absolutely need to gift yourself a break: TIME and MONEY. So, I gave up on that idea. However, something different was decided for me.

One fine day, my room-mate told me about this free trip to the east coast of Korea. He could not apply for it because he had other plans, but I did not. So, I applied. I had heard good things about the east coast, so I was very excited.

Friday was the day of the trip. I woke up early, washed up and got ready for the trip. I went to the meeting place and met the other participants. We boarded the bus and left for Abai village which was our first stop. It took us 2 hours. We got off the bus and wandered around.

Abai village

Abai village

It was surrounded by water. I saw some seagulls flying around and trying to catch some fishes. We did not stay there too long. We moved to Sokcho traditional market.

Street food in Sokcho market

Street food in Sokcho market

The market was really huge. We found all kinds of things like seafood, meat, herbs, tea, traditional clothing, ginseng, fruits and so on. There were many stalls selling food and snacks. We had slices of stuffed squid and spicy fried chicken for lunch. We spent around 1 hour there  before leaving for Jangsa fishing village.

That's me, standing on the beach of Jangsa village.

That’s me, standing on the beach of Jangsa village.

I loved Jangsa fishing village, because it was completely different from Seoul. The beach was just breath-taking. (Seeing the waves rise and fall, I was teleported to some kind of other dimension, which appeared to be so blue and so vast that I felt like a speck of dust. I came back to reality when my friend called my name). After we had enough of the east sea, we did some squid ink drawing on paper fans. It sounds so fancy, doesn’t it? I drew some fishes on my fan, but it did not turn out what I had imagined.

Statue of Buddha in front of Seorak Mountain

Statue of Buddha in front of Seorak Mountain

Saying farewell to the east sea, we headed to Seorak Mountain. It is one of the most beautiful places in South Korea. There is a huge statue of Buddha in front of the mountain. We did not have enough time to hike. So, instead of hiking, we sat down to have few cups of green tea in the souvenir shop. We were told that the tea leaves are cultivated in the mountains, because of which the tea has a distinct taste. They were right. I loved the tea. I got a packet for myself, because I drink a lot of green tea. Finally it was time to leave. I was sad to be leaving but very happy to have visited this amazingly beautiful part of South Korea.

Even though it was just for a day, I enjoyed the trip. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated . I think I can start fresh. If I had to summarize the whole trip in a sentence, I would say “PERFECT SHORT BREAK HOLIDAY FOR BUSY PEOPLE”.

If you are in Korea, you might want to visit Sokcho. I bet you will find it refreshingly different from Seoul.

You can find information and affordable travel packages in the links below:

 Have a happy day!!!


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