2014 was a tough one.


Here we go again.

It’s the end of another year and the beginning of a new one.

2014 was not a very good year, if we compare the good and the bad that happened.

It was a tough year for Koreans, because of the incident of Sewol ferry which killed more than 300 people, mostly students.

The war in Syria and Ukraine, kidnapping of girls in Nigeria,the activities of ISIS, disappearance of Malaysian airlines flight MH370, crash of MH17 and the most recent incident of Air Asia flight are some of the worst things that happened in 2014.

So many things are happening in this world. Peace is starting to sound like one of those old men’s tales. Even though there are difficulties and troubles, life is not going to stop, because time does not stop. It is a continuous process; it is ever-flowing. We can’t win over time. We need to move on and follow the rhythm of time. If we do so, our lives will start to uncoil and be less complicated.

That’s too much for serious talk. Now I will tell you about my experience in 2014.

(I can’t believe that my blog is 2 years old. Thanks to everyone who subscribed and read my blog.)

For me, 2014 was both good and bad.

I got a scholarship in the beginning of 2014. All thanks to my Korean friend who helped me in the application process. I also won a LG G3 Cat.6 smartphone in a lucky draw. The first semester wasn’t so bad. I got a part-time job of translating Korean.

Everything was going well, but as they say “Nothing lasts forever”, I got kicked out of my job. It was my fault, so I have no hard feelings towards the employers. The second semester sucked big time. It was a mess. I was upset in the beginning, but I moved on.

I’m taking winter class these days, because I have only two semesters left to finish all the courses. I spent all my money in paying for the class. I have to work hard. I’m graduating in December. I have a year left in Korea. My life here has been wonderful. I have no idea about what to do after graduation. Anyhow, I’ll find a way like I always have.

Life is difficult when you are all by yourself, but it makes you strong and changes your perspective towards life.

2015 is here, and I’m going to live it the best way I can.

Let’s hope 2015 will bring us hope and happiness that we lost in 2014.


P.S. – Recently I joined Society6 where my artworks are available. You can check my artworks in the links below:



Thank you everyone.


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