Bleeding Hearts and the Sinking Ferry

Two days before my birthday on 16th April, a South Korean ferry named Sewol carrying 476 people, mostly high school students of Danwon High School, sank on its way to Jeju Island from Incheon, Seoul. More than 300 people are dead or missing.  The rescue mission is still going on . The captain and the other crew members of the ship have been arrested, and the vice principal of the doomed school committed suicide. The Prime Minister of South Korea resigned a few days ago, and the President publicly apologized for the tragedy.

So many things happened within a month. It was a heart-breaking tragedy. I was shocked and saddened. I did not celebrate my birthday. There was no reason to celebrate. I saw the videos sent by the students from the sinking ferry on YouTube. It was the saddest thing that one can witness. I saw the photos of the families, crying their hearts out. I could see that their hearts were bleeding. No one can understand the pain of the bereaved families, and nothing can compensate the death of a loved one.

Many thing have been revealed in relation to the cause of the sinking. They are saying that the ferry was too old and was overloaded. It was not well renovated and additional cabins were added to lodge more passengers. The ferry started to tilt to one side, when it took a turn. The passengers were advised to remain where they were. When it was sinking, the captain was the first to abandon the ferry. He was arrested for the negligence of his duties. Whoever is the one to blame for the tragedy, and whatever the reason is, the dead are dead. The rescue operation has been criticized for being inefficient.

The students of the doomed school are in mental shock after losing so many of their classmates and friends. I cannot describe in words, what they must be feeling. The ferry did not just sink,  it took away all the smiles and left the hearts bleeding.


“You will always live in the memories of your beloved one.”


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