As Exam Goes By In Korea

exam's over

exam’s over

Final exams are supposed to be the scariest period of a semester but not for me here in South Korea. Not because I am too smart or anything; just because I didn’t have time to be scared, I was busy doing the damn assignments and writing reports until the last moment.

One semester here is only 3 and half months. Mid term is after one month, and then semester ends as soon as finals are over. Exams here, are way too flexible in terms of schedule. I had one exam at 10 pm last semester (I am not joking), and this semester it took 3 weeks for my finals to finish. Professors can conduct exams anytime, anywhere & anyhow they want. Korean students seem to be fine with that system, and so am I (I think).

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, most of the Korean students study really hard. Their secret is overdose of caffeine (coffee shops turn into reading rooms during exam season). Foreign students are trying to do the same thing, but not many have succeeded. I am not even in the league.

I will have to check my grades on the school’s website next week. I am not expecting any kind of miracle, because I have learnt the true meaning of AS YOU SOW, AS YOU REAP. However, if you are exceptionally good at negotiations, you might have chances of upgrading you grades. I haven’t tried that yet.

Well, my finals are over. I thought ”I will do this and I will do that” once my exams are over, but all I am doing, is SLEEP, EAT, WATCH. These three things are making me lazy as an overfed fat cat (no offence to fat cats).

Last week of December won’t be boring. Christmas is around the corner, so are PARTIES. Those will keep me occupied until January. Then I am going somewhere. I will post a blog about it once I return to Korea.

Foreign student’s life is no child’s play. It is hard, but it is interesting. You must be ready to deal with any kind of situation (like getting a C or even a D).

Good luck to me and to those who are waiting for their grades.

And also, MERRY CHRISTMAS (in advance)!!!


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