Brace Yourself~Winter is Coming in Korea!!!

Damn Winter!“- That’s what people say when they have to wake up early in the morning and it is freezing cold outside. Who wants to go to class on a snowy day? It’s November now but it is getting colder day by day. I like cold weather only when I am inside my warm room. I had enough of snow last year but this year again is the same story.

My University covered in snow.

The semester ends in the middle of December and then you have Christmas and stuff. My question to myself is “What will I do in the freezing winter?” If I plan to attend winter classes, then I won’t have free time until end of January. I need to pay for those classes and it is expensive!!! If I don’t attend the winter classes, I will have lot of time and nothing to do. One part of my mind suggested traveling (which requires money and visa ”sometimes”) and another pinpointed volunteer works (which I did and again did) and another recommended going back to home country (which I am not sure of) and finally I came up with no conclusion. Some of my friends are going back to their country, some are doing part-time jobs, some are traveling, some are taking classes and some are just staying in Korea. There are a lot of things to do if you have a lot of money or you can choose to volunteer if you don’t have enough money.

My sneakers damaged by the snow(2012)

By the way, winter starts here with pretty snowflakes falling like cherry blossoms flowers but then it gets nasty and you end up with piles of snow everywhere. No one wants to go out because it is freezing cold and streets are covered with snow and you don’t want to break your neck if you slip while walking on the snow. It is interesting to see  Korean girls walking around in their high heels and short skirts like it is summer. Maybe they care more about looks than comfort. Everyone has rights, so I am not judging anyone. The best way to spend winter in Korea is getting yourself a thick fur coat and wearing layers of clothes and you can challenge the winter. For those who haven’t seen snow before, first snowfall can be overwhelming but be ready to witness the wrath of Korean winter. It is cold, freezing and snowy. November welcomes the winter and  December tries to control it but January lets it go out of control and finally February deals with it. That is my version of winter story. Try to stay warm in the winter and Jolly Hollidays^^

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