38th World Youth Rally 2013 in Suncheon

I did not apply for this program, someone else did it for me and I cannot thank that person enough because I actually had a blast in these 7 days. To tell you the truth, I am not very good at Korean. That is why when they told me I have to be a Korean-English interpreter, I freaked out. I thought it was impossible for me and almost gave up but finally I did it. I packed my bag and left for Suncheon which is about 4 hours bus ride far from Seoul. It is not a big city like Seoul but it is much more beautiful. All the participants got together in Suncheon.

My team onstage

My team onstage

There were more than 14 teams with more than 10 members including people from foreign countries like Thailand, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Egypt, Taiwan, Tunisia and others. In total there were about some hundreds of people in the youth rally. I met my team members and team leader. In out team, we had 13 members including 3 foreigners from Thailand, Malaysia and China respectively and 6 high school students and 2 middle school students and 1 Korean leader and finally me, the interpreter. The rally was about involvement of youth for environment conservation and cultural exchange.

First day was the performance day. Participants from different countries performed and showcased their culture. It was an spectacular sight to see people from different countries and background coming together and sharing one stage. I feel I am lucky because I was there. Second day was a field trip. We went to International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay. It was too hot that day. We walked all day in the scorching sunlight. Our team visited Thai, English, Italian, American, Indian, Chinese and Dutch gardens. All those gardens were beautiful. At the end of the day, we were almost dead.

International Garden Expostion Suncheon Bay

International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay

At night, all the teams and participants had chicken party together. It was fun. We also had team performances where each  team was given two topics and they had to prepare an act and had to perform onstage. Our team got “alternative energy” and “Rapunzel” and we prepared an act and guess what? Our team won the first prize. We were shocked as well as extremely happy. Next day, we paid a visit to Korean traditional village in Nakan and then we came back to Seoul. We stayed at Seoul Olympic Parktel for two days.  In the last day we had a series of competition and the team which finished the first, was supposed to get the first prize. Our team tried really hard and we got the second place. All our team members got t-shirts.

Photo session with the staffs and participants

Photo session with the staffs and participants

At night we had closing ceremony and photo session. I returned to my dormitory after the photo session because I had stuffs to do the next day. It was amazing being with so many people from different places and spending time with them. It was a great opportunity for me and I will never forget the friends I met during this rally. I hope to see them again in the future. It was an enriching experience and it taught me so many things. Thank you everyone who was there in the rally.

Clean Earth, Global Culture. Let’s Do It!!!


4 thoughts on “38th World Youth Rally 2013 in Suncheon

  1. Thank you for your participation, Rajesh. Your help as interpreter was much needed and greatly appreciated in the Rally. -Youngmin Kim

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