Korea is Adventurous~

Namhansanseong Provincial Park

Namhansanseong Provincial Park

I live in Seoul which is the mecca of business, entertainment, education and politics. People in Seoul are always busy, especially Korean people. Time flies like crazy. A whole day feels like a half day. If you are not fast enough, you cannot keep up with the life of Seoul. For me in the beginning, it was too hectic. I had to attend my classes and do reports and meet friends as well and at the end of the day I had no time for myself. I was living in the concrete jungle and technology almost enslaved me but luckily, I found a way to get rid of all those troubles. It was to go back to nature.

Even though Seoul is a concrete jungle, there are still places where you can see and feel nature. There are a lot of hills where one can go hiking or trekking and there are preserved forests where people often go to jog or just see the trees. People also do cycling around the river banks. Weekend is the time when people are free from hustles of daily life. Korean people like to hike. Recently I joined Seoul International Hikers Club where I met Korean hikers who were above 60 years old. It was an amazing experience hiking with them. Few days ago, we went to Namhansanseong Provincial Park to hike. It is very beautiful place. It is half an hour bus ride far from Sanseong station. It takes half an hour from my university to go to Sanseong station. Once we were there, we were all mesmerized by the beauty of the place. All the hills looked majestic and the weather was cool. We hiked for 4 hours and then we got the chance to try local cuisine. It was delicious and cheap as well.

Inside the Namhansanseong Park

Inside the Namhansanseong Park

We also visited Jujangseong Fortress which was built in 672 to protect Silla dynasty from China. Jujangseong Fortress is inside the park. We took rest there for a while. After the hike, everyone was happy to have done it. I think it really recharged me and I got rid of my tiredness. It was refreshing to have done it. I also did bungee jumping few weeks ago in Yuldong Park. It was an experience of a life time. I think the feeling you get while you are jumping, is priceless. The tower stands on a lake and when you fall down, you fall straight towards the lake.  I went there with some Korean and Brazilian friends. At first we all were excited but when it was time to jump, some of us were scared. I was scared but then I thought I have to do it and I did it. It feels great because not many people do it. I am planning to do it again.

Me bungee jumping at Yuldong Park

Me bungee jumping at Yuldong Park

That is why I would recommend everyone who is living in Seoul or planning to visit Seoul that when you are tired and think your life sucks, visit the park or forest near your place  or go hiking and recharge yourself or just bungee jump and get the experience of a life time.


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