O-mazing October in Seoul

Psy’s Free Concert in Seoul Plaza

October started with a bang and it was followed by a series of unfortunate events(i.e. my mid-term exams) but then it was all about fun and enjoyment. I thought October would be nothing special except Halloween but I was absolutely wrong. October was O-mazing!!!

10월에 많이 놀았다. 중간고사 때메 10월은 재미없었을 거라고 생각했지만 너무 재미있었다. 10월은 정말 기가 막히게 좋았다.

In the beginning of the month, I went to Psy’s concert with my Chinese friend. I was really excited about the concert because Psy is a phenomenon now and also the concert was free. It couldn’t have been better than that. If my Chinese friend wouldn’t have told me about the concert, I would have missed it. She was also excited about the concert. We had a great time. Psy was awesome. I think the whole Seoul came to see his concert. Everyone went crazy and started dancing when he started performing “Gangnam Style”.

중국친구와 같이 싸이의 콘서트에 갔을 때 아주 좋았다. 콘서트를 보러 온 사람들을 봤을 때는 서울에 진짜 사람이 많다고 생각이 났다. 싸이가 “강남 스타일” 노래했자마자 모든 사람들이 춤추기 시작했다. 싸이는 진짜 대박이다.

Latin-American performers in Cheonan World Dance Festival

Few days after Psy’s Concert, I was invited by my Japanese friend to visit Cheonan World Dance Festival. I went to Cheonan and it takes 1 and half hour to go to Cheonan from Seoul by express bus. I met my friend and then we paid a visit to the festival. It was spectacular to see performers from many different countries. I liked all the performances. Cheonan World Dance Festival is the best dance festival in South Korea. I was very lucky to be there because it is rare to watch performers from around the world in one place and it was also free. So there was no way that I could have have missed it.

나는 다른 축제도 놀러 갔다. 그 축제는 천안 흥타령 춤 축제이다. 일본친구와 축제에 갔다. 축제에서 여러나라 사람들이 춤췄다. 한 곳에서 여라 나라 춤을 볼 수 있는 것이 행운이다. 춤추는 사람들은 정말 대단하다. 그것을 잊어버릴 수 없다.

But my good days were about to be over. Soon my mid-term exams started. I was not prepared. I sat for the exams and I had no idea what I was doing. I think I made a mess in few subjects. After a week of horrible days, I was free.

Tidal Flat Clean-up Volunteers

Since I had free time after my exams, I thought of doing something good for others. So I and my Burmese friend joined the Tidal Flat Clean-up Volunteering program. We met other foreigners and Korean high school students and we cleaned the areas around tidal flats in Ganghwa. It was a good experience. We need to keep our environment clean not just for us but for animals and birds and other living organisms. I want to do more volunteer works in the future.

중간고사 끝난 후 나는 강화에서 봉사활동했다. 그기서 다른 외국인들과 한국 고등학생들과 같이 봉사활동했다. 우리는 환경을 지켜야 된다.

Okonomiyaki ready to eat…

Then it was time to enjoy a bit. So I joined two of my Korean friends and we went to one of the most famous Okonomiyaki restaurant in Seoul called Hankki. The okonomiyaki(japanese pancake) was a bit expensive but it was worth trying. It was delicious and it tasted like heaven. I am planning to go there again with other friends too.

오코노미야기를 먹으러 나는 한국친구들과 같이 한끼라는 유명한 식당에 갔다. 조금 비싸지만  너무 마았었다. 기분이 좋아졌다. 다시 한끼에 가고 싶다.

Orange Caramel performing in my university.

The last surprise was “Orange Caramel”. “Orange Caramel” is one of the famous girl group in Korea. They released their latest album called “Lipstick” recently so they performed in our university to promote their new album. They were so beautiful and cute. They performed all their popular songs. Everyone was having a good time. It was very entertaining. If you want to check their new video, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z9R57maGvc  this is the link to one of their best songs “Shanghai Romance”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxxoq7uqnbU

오렌지카랴멜 우리 대학교축제에 왔다. 오렌지카랴멜 정말 예쁘다. 오렌제카랴멜 노래했을때 모든 사람이 미쳤다. 아주 재미있었다. “립스틱”라는 새로운 노래를 불었다. 재미있게 놀았다.

Halloween Cupcake

Finally it was Halloween but I think the spirits didn’t want me to have fun on Halloween. I had calculus class till 8 pm that day. I couldn’t go to Halloween party because of that. But still I managed to have have fun after the class. I watched horror movies till late night on Halloween. I also got a very cute Halloween cupcake from my Chinese friend. We went to a park to see Maple trees together at the end of the month because autumn was going to end soon. The trees were beautiful.

핼로윈 때 수업이 있어서 핼로윈파티에 갈 수 없었지만 나는 공포 영화를 보고 놀았다. 중국친구한테 핼로윈 케이크도 받았다. 그리고 그 친구랑 당품을 보러 갔다. 아주 아름답다. 그렇게 10월이 끝났다. 이제 11월이 시작이다. 그래서 조금 춥다. 나는 추운 날씨를 좋아한다. 겨울때 여러분들도 재미있게 놀아요!!!

Trees shedding their leaves in autumn

At the end of the month, it started to get chilly a bit and I like it because my favorite season is winter. Now it is November, so it is colder now and soon there will be snowfall. I am eagerly waiting for the snowfall. Happy Winter Days to everyone!!!


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