My First Day In Korea!!!


176445_192794454084534_2234924_oI can never forget my very first day in Korea. It was snowing. In fact, it was the last snowfall for February. Winter was almost over. I and my friends didn’t want to miss this chance, so we built our snowman and had snowball fights. Here I met nice Korean as well as foreign students. It took time for me to adjust but soon I was fine with everything. Korea has the best things to offer if you are ready to accept.

Korea is now a HOME AWAY FROM HOME to me.

한국에서 첫번째 날에 눈이 오고 있었다. 겨울은 거의 끝났다. 그래서 저 친구들과 눈사람을 만들었고 재미있게 놀았다. 그게 잊어버릴 수 없는 기억이다. 저의 한국생활은 너무 어렵지 않다. 한국은 나의 두번째 집이다!!!


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